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Digital: 10 things to remember in March 2022

1. Apple unveils the iPhone SE 5G and rolls out iOS 15.4

While the American firm is reportedly considering selling its flagship iPhone via a monthly subscription, Apple made headlines this March at its first keynote of the year 2022. On the agenda: the iPhone SE with 5G, but also a series of new products that were presented, such as the new version of the iPad Air, the Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra chip and its Studio Display.

A little less than a week later, Apple rolled out the iOS 15.4 update, whose major new feature is the ability to unlock your smartphone while wearing a mask with Face ID or 37 new emojis. Also note that this new version of the brand’s operating system allows you to easily scan your handwritten notes with the Scan Text feature of the Notes app (on the iPhone SE 2nd generation, iPhone XR / XS / XS Max, iPhone 11 range and above).

The advice: do not delay to perform this update on your mobile device or tablet, vulnerabilities have indeed been discovered by the Governmental Center for Monitoring, Alert and Response to Computer Attacks (CERT-FR) on versions prior to 15.4 on most Apple systems (iOS, iPadOS, macOS, iTunes, watchOS …). And if you experience battery problems after installing it, find out the two main reasons and tips to fix it.

2. Instagram announces the return of the News Feed in chronological order

It’s THE major new feature that Instagram users have been waiting for: the chronologically ordered news feed is back. The social network is rolling out two new options, which will allow you to manage the display of your feed according to your choice. You will be able to select the mode by Subscriptions (or Following), to find all your posts listed according to the date and time of publication, or the option Favorites (or Favorites) to not miss any post of your favorite accounts. Good to know: by default, Instagram will continue to offer its feed ranked algorithmically, based on your interests and interactions.

Several new features were also launched in March for creators. These include: the Creator Lab, the end of IGTV and new monetization options, the ability to designate a moderator for your live content, display the category of an account when it is identified in an image, or the availability of automatic French subtitles for videos in the feed. To be continued: the platform is currently testing its full-screen news feed, like TikTok.

3. TikTok launches 10-minute long videos

While the platform has presented its 2022 priorities around community commerce or the evolution of audio, the social network continues its duel of video content formats with one of its main competitors, YouTube. Faced with the Shorts launched by Google’s video streaming platform in September 2020, TikTok has just retaliated by extending the length of its videos even further. After the traditional 60-second TikTok, a 3-minute format was launched. Now you can create videos of up to 10 minutes. Note also that the social network is testing a feature, which should allow access to a history to find the videos viewed.

4. Twitter opens access to professional accounts for all

While professional profiles were introduced in September 2021 for businesses domiciled in the United States, Twitter has just announced that it is extending access to all profiles. The professional accounts facilitate, among other things, the sponsorship of tweets via the Quick Promote function, while waiting for the deployment of more features dedicated to pros on the platform.

In March, the social network also launched the Creator Dashboard to allow creators to better visualize the revenue generated through monetization on Twitter, as well as a new option to create GIFs from an iPhone.

5. Pinterest lets you share your Pin Ideas on social networks

Idea Pins, which are a content format offered by Pinterest to encourage user engagement with creators without a time limit, are now downloadable as short videos. The latter, composed of 1 to 20 stories maximum, will thus be able to be shared on other social networks. The platform will apply a watermark where the name and username of the creator will be mentioned to preserve the authenticity of the content. Note that reposted Idea Pins will take the form of a Reel on Instagram and Facebook, or a Short on YouTube.

6. An agreement has been reached between Europe and the United States on data transfer

After several months of negotiations following the invalidation of the Privacy Shield in 2020, the two world economic powers have finally agreed to establish a new framework to secure the transfer of personal data of European users to the United States. This agreement in principle is a major step forward on this thorny issue, while some services, such as Google Analytics, have recently been pinned by the CNIL because of their failure to comply with the GDPR. To be continued!

7. New legislation on digital services is about to be launched

On the European digital legislation front, March was also the occasion for the European Parliament and the Council to agree on another key piece of legislation for tech players: the Digital Markets Act (or DMA). The objective of this text: to offer a better regulation of the market while limiting the anti-competitive practices of GAFAM.

In concrete terms, the new European legislation, which has yet to be definitively adopted by the two bodies for a hoped-for implementation from January 2023, includes some 20 rules, the 3 main ones being the following:

  • The interoperability of instant messaging platforms (WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger…),
  • The explicit consent made mandatory to deliver targeted advertising,
  • The possibility to choose alternatives to imposed services (browser, search engine, virtual personal assistant) by offering a wider choice to users.

8. Google signs a historic agreement with press publishers on related rights

After two years of sustained negotiations between the different parties, an agreement on the remuneration of neighbouring rights has been reached between Google and the Alliance de la presse d’information générale (APIG), which groups 289 titles of the national, regional and departmental press. The American firm, which must remunerate the actors of the press in the name of the European directive adopted in 2019 by France, will thus have to negotiate individual agreements of license, in order to remunerate the actors of the APIG when extracts of their contents will be displayed on online platforms, such as Google News or Google Discover.

9. Android: the 7 new features of the latest update

For its part, Android also took advantage of the month of March to launch 7 new features for its users. To remember: the Messages application now supports emoji reactions sent from an iPhone. Other new features being rolled out for Android mobiles:

  • Convenient options to declutter your inbox in Messages,
  • Improved grammar correction for messages,
  • The ability to blur the background of a photo,
  • The addition of a widget that allows you to monitor your screen time,
  • File sharing with nearby devices via Nearby Share,
  • The availability of instant transcription, even if you are offline.

10. Cybersecurity: ANSSI recommends 5 measures to help companies better protect themselves

While the international geopolitical context remains very tense, the French National Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI) has unveiled a set of measures to strengthen the IT security of French companies. In addition to having to redouble their vigilance in the face of increasing cyberattacks, organizations are invited to implement the following rules:

  • The strengthening of authentication on information systems,
  • A better supervision of the security,
  • Off-line backup of the most critical data and applications,
  • The establishment of a list of the most critical digital services within the entity,
  • The implementation or verification of the existence of an appropriate crisis management system in case of a cyber attack.

The ANSSI has also published two other documents presenting an assessment of attacks and recommendations for companies to follow in terms of cybersecurity: the Panorama of the IT threat and the list of the 10 most critical vulnerabilities in 2021. To go further, you can also consult the study conducted by Wavestone on the cyber challenges for French organizations in 2022, or the Proopoint report that shows a sharp increase in mobile malware and the list of malicious software

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