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Really cool – motorhome cooler from Obelink in test

Contains advertising – That’s what it’s all about: Motorhome cooler from Obelink in the test! Cold drinks and cool food during the high summer or even a warm snack on tour… sometimes the camper life is soooo complicated! In the summer, many a refrigerator can not tolerate the high temperatures and vice versa, the snacks from the “hot counter” are cold after a very short time.

How nice that there are cool or keep warm boxes and I was allowed to test for you the cool box 7523 from Tristar by Obelink.

The Tristar cooler from the Obelink range in the IsasWomo test.

Juhuuuu… today everything revolves around the

Tristar 7532 cooler from the Obelink range!

Here is also directly the link to the Obelink motorhome cooler for you.

In recent weeks I had you already posted a photo of the packed cooler in the Instagram stories and quickly came the question… WHY DO YOU NEED A COOLER??? IS YOUR FRIDGE BROKEN??

No, my fridge works fine and yes I admit directly, such a cooler is not urgently necessary for me and my way of traveling, but a very, very nice “gimmick”. For example, I like to drink chilled drinks, especially in the summer. Hmmmmm so a delicious iced coffee, a cold water with proper lemon or even sometimes an ice cold Sprite. YES I LIKE!

But we all know, our camping refrigerators get on very hot days like times a problem. They are made to cool down only X degrees (usually something around 20 degrees) below outside temperature.

On the other hand, a cooler can keep the cold much better due to its size alone, especially if you already put in pre-chilled products or on very extremely hot days also work with cold packs, ice throws or “chrushed ice”.

Compressor refrigerators are another issue.

These have a better cooling capacity, but draw an extremely large amount of electricity. Especially when there is little additional energy in winter due to possible solar panels, a cooler works much more economically than the large compressor refrigerator.

And apart from any “technical advantages” my “motorhome cooler passion” is mainly due to a personal experience.

Friends of mine have been on the road for years with a cooler (despite the Phoenix motorhome) and put it next to the camping table on warm days/evenings. No one has to constantly run out and in, whether water or wine, everything stays cold for hours and there is a perfect place for crushed ice. Previously, but more or less every cabinet had an extra bar compartment and somehow reminds me so an additional cooler when camping always a bar compartment… a camper bar compartment on tour.

Yes I admit, this image has burned itself with me and I found their cooler always “cool”. Not urgently necessary… but very, very nice

The cooler has both a standard plug and a car charging cable. On the small black switch you can set the Eco mode, Max. Mode and heat mode set.

Motorhome cooler practice… the test konnte start directly.

Since I had the box during my last tour already in the Womo, I wanted to test them also directly and have them immediately after the “bulk purchase before travel start” included.

I plugged the box already to the departure (thanks to KFZ plug), went off, stopped at the supermarket, went shopping, then “threw” all additional drinks into the box (together with the packaged meat products) and on it went. My fridge was well filled after this shopping anyway, but in “battery mode” still far from cold and in the cooler box could store the drinks and temperature sensitive supplies already well chilled.

Cooler box 7532 from Tristar by Obelink

The cooler almost a volume of 26 liters and weighs empty 4.6 kilos. You can operate it on 230 volts or 12 volts, it works thermoelectrically, has the energy class A++ and reaches a cooling capacity of -18 degrees compared to the outside temperature and that both on 230 volts and on 12 volts.

The box is so high that even 1.5 liter bottles can be stored upright, the lid closes securely due to the swiveling handle and both power cables can be safely stored in the lid, then you also have them handy at any time.

CLASSSE, from camper cooler can also be heat box.

A really nice detail I find that the cooler can not only cool, but also warm. So to speak, a “heat box cooler” The Tristar 7532 can also be warmed up to 65 degrees and thus keep food warm for a long time … the next lunch is saved.

No now seriously, I find the possibility really quite good, because I buy now and then before a tour still quickly at these “hot counters” in the supermarket. Sometimes there is some real lunch, but sometimes “only” half a chicken, schnitzel or, or, or. Until now, I usually just put these things in the sink and ate them sometime during a break or in the evening after I arrived. But then, of course, these things were cold.

Thanks to the “heat box” I can store such food in the future sometimes in the box and then eat them even hours later warm.

The cooling box from above. Under the left gray circle is actually a small fan. The right “circle” is however only “optics”, under it lies the compartment in which the cables are hidden.

Isa and the search for the cables…

After I took the box out of the box at home, the disappointment was first big “Damn… they forgot the power cables”. I was about to put the whole box back into the packaging, when I thought to myself… hmmmm, better have another look at the instructions.


otherwise the complaint would have been very, very, very embarrassing.

Because as I saw through the instructions, both power cords are in a special compartment in the lid of the cooler!!!! You have to know that first!!!!

The RV cooler can therefore be used normally via a 230 volt standard plug werden, but also via the 12 volt cigarette lighter. I put the box while driving directly in front of the passenger seat, there it fit in my case super and I could use it while driving for the one or other iced coffee. Whether you would use the box now in front while driving or so to speak as a 2nd refrigerator in the garage, is left to you and your power connections alone.

I think it’s good that you can (if you want) put a small partition inside the box, so you can store the products even better. In the box you can easily store 6 large 1.5 liter bottles and also some other food. See photo

Drinks and food… with 26 liters, the box is absolutely large enough for me, but in the Obelink store there is also an even larger version.

Obelink camper cooler in the camper practice test

Since I want to use the KB 7532 of course on tour, I have tested it not only while driving, but also in everyday life “on site”.

To do this, I connected the box to 230 volts via the inverter, put a thermometer inside the box and cooled it down in max mode.

The box has an “eco mode” and a “max mode” on 230 volts. Unfortunately, there is NO instruction manual telling me exactly what these two modes are all about. Therefore, I have contacted Tristar directly and copy you the explanation simply times in this article:

MAX and ECO function: Depending on your needs, you can choose between MAX and ECO in 230V operation. In ECO mode, the consumption is about 8 watts and the operation is almost silent. This is advantageous, for example, when camping to keep food cool overnight. The ECO mode can be used when outside temperatures are not so high, such as at night, to keep the contents of the box sufficiently cool. At high outside temperatures, e.g. on hot summer days, the MAX mode can be used to keep the contents cool quickly and efficiently. The consumption here is max. 58 watts.

Psssssst…. the cooler is really quiet.

What I liked in any case directly good, although the box works at maximum strength and cools down, the small fan runs very quietly. In Eco mode, the box is basically not to hear (confirms yes also the mail above) and on full power you hear a very slight noise, but no more.

Temperatures in check!

The cooler provided by Obelink could cool at 20 degrees room temperature and empty state, within 60 minutes down to 4 degrees.

I think that is already a really good and fast performance. So until my Womo refrigerator is so cold, it definitely takes a few hours, most likely even a “cold” night.

After the cooler was cooled down to 4 degrees I turned it off and wanted to see how long the cooling power lasts without cooling down again.

I started this test at 6 p.m. sharp, at 4 degrees cooling and about 19 degrees room temperature in the Womo and opened the lid of the box only briefly to remove the thermometer, lid closed again, photo snapped, lid minimally open, thermometer in, lid closed again directly.

18 o’clock – start of the test b

ei approx. 20 degrees room and cool box temperature.

7 p.m. – After one hour in maximum mode, the temperature inside the box is 4 degrees. Box switched off.

22 o’clock – 8 degrees temperature

inside the box

room temperature in the Womo over night to 16 degrees lowered, from 7 o’clock heating again turned up to 19 degrees room temperature.


o’clock in the

morning –


degrees inside the box 11 o’clock in the morning – 11 degrees

inside the box

16 o’clock in the afternoon – the EMPTY box is again at room temperature


I think this test shows quite well, once the box is cold, it keeps the cold for quite a while, even if you take it off power and open the lid every now and then. The whole thing is of course significantly strengthened when refrigerated products are stored in the box, which themselves again radiate cold.

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